November 10, 2020


The following values/principles were identified to guide CAAN’s work:

  • Professional Network: Chevening Alumni Association of Nepal (CAAN) was started in 2010 CAAN is primarily a professional network of Chevening scholars and fellows, many of whom are serving in government, non-government, academia, research institution, bilateral and multilateral organizations. Chevening members have the challenge to translate their knowledge and skills to contribute to the economic development and prosperity of Nepal.
  • Strive for Quality: Achieving and maintain the quality of work is paramount. CAAN always strives to attain the highest quality possible in its activities/programmes and promote good science.
  • “ Service” Orientation: CAAN recognize the value of a egalitarian society in helping realize the full potential of individuals while respecting the diversity of people and their inherent differences. CAAN encourages its members to give back to the society.
  • Sharing Knowledge/ Skills : CAAN believes in sharing knowledge and imparting skills to people from all walk of life, including researchers, media, practitioners and policy makers. It respects freedom of expression and mobilizes knowledge/skills to make impact on the ground.
  • Voluntary Spirit: CAAN encourages its members to set aside a percentage of their time for voluntary work. It seeks way to inculcate a spirit of volunteerism to give back to the country.